Nestle Case Study

Nestle Case Study

within this course, there is a total of three major cases for this class (Bank of America, Dove, and Nestle).  The objective of these case studies is to put you in the role of a marketing manager.   Your response should include an in-depth analysis of the case, accurately identifying the main issues, problems, opportunities, suggestions, and realistic outcomes. This writing assignment   requires two sections: executive brief and application section. Keep in mind, as an executive brief, it is more important to offer fewer pages with the correct perspective of the case and not several pages simply recapping or restating the case. When completed, your response should reflect a scholarly knowledge of the appropriate solutions and outcomes. Please refer to the writing requirements (shown in the syllabus) to gain an understanding of the difference between scholarly and advanced writing. The final case study, Nestle, has 100 points possible. Your assignments should contain the following components:

Part A: Executive brief

This is a one single-spaced summary of the case study.  Students should not simply recap the events but instead identify the major components, markets, and stakeholders and explain why this case is important to the marketing manager.


You should identify the main problems, issues, and/or opportunities of this case study.

This section should be single-spaced.

Recommendation 0.5 pgs single spaced

You should offer an in-depth plan of action to address the problems listed above. Be very specific in your recommendations. For example, simply stating the organizational leaders should change their pricing strategies does not meet the requirements of this assignment.  Instead, you should describe the proposed pricing strategy change and explain why you are proposing this change. To help support this recommendation, you should be able to identify other organizations who have implemented a similar strategy. This section should be single-spaced.

Part B: Application 3pgs

Integrating the strategies, policies, and/or practices from the text, students are expected to “do the work.”Example #1, if you were to recommend the company pursues a new segment of the market; your work should offer specifics of the proposed market.

Example #2, if you were to recommend the company changes their pricing strategy; you should offer support (in the terms of outside references) as to why you are proposing such a change and a detailed list of the expected returns/outcomes.

Example #3, if you were to recommend a change in the organizational branding strategies, you should offer support (in terms of outside references) as to why you are proposing such a change and a detailed list of the expected results of this change.

This section should be three to five double-spaced pages.

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