News article assignment

In this assignment you will explore printed media and discover new scientific data

and see how that data is being used and interpreted.

It will be easier to analyze and give your views on the article and related issues, if

you become a critical reader.  Decide if the information presented in the article is

biased. Is the author trying to persuade you to agree with his point of view? Look

at the people involved in the article, the writer, the researcher, the people funding

the research -are they influencing how the research data is being presented?

What are the values and beliefs of these people? Look at how new scientific data

is collected and how it is used and developed within our society.

The Process:

1.  Locate and read a recent article from a newspaper, magazine or the Internet.

The article should have been written in 2016 and should relate to a science topic

covered in psychology. Some places you might want to look for articles include:

 ·  The Washington Post

 ·  Science News Magazine

 ·  The New York Times

 ·  Time Magazine

 ·  Discover

 ·  The Washington Times

 ·  Scientific American

Theses sources may be found in the library or on the Internet. You do not need a

copy of the article to turn in with your review; however you will need to properly

reference the article, as you would in a bibliography.

2.  Summarize the information contained in the article.  The summary should be

2-3 paragraphs in length and should include the basic facts given in the article.

The summary should be about one half of the total length of the paper.

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