You will individually research a topic on some aspect of professional communication.  You will then prepare a 1–2 page outline using the standard outline format that would be used in a training session.  At the end of your outline you must include a complete reference list, properly formatted according to current APA format. You must use at least 5 appropriate sources to support the points you make in your outline.  See below for clarification on appropriate sources for this assignment.

Outline Requirements:

  • The outline must be your original work and written solely for this course.
  • The sample outlines available below should be referred to for proper formatting.
  • Arial or Times New Roman are the only acceptable fonts.

Any information paraphrased or directly quoted from a source – whether a statement or idea – must be followed with a complete and properly formatted in-text citation (according to APA guidelines) directly following the statement/idea.  In-text citations will show how and where your sources were used.


  • Reference List
  • Follow APA formatting guidelines
  • In addition to current APA format for formatting your reference list, you are also required to include the perma link (also known as the URL or web address) for all full-text articles.
  • A minimum of 5 different sources must be used.
    • Two of the 5 sources must be full-text,and must be from within the past 7 years.
    • The remaining sources must be full-text articles obtained from professional journals.
    • No general Internet searching is acceptable.  Therefore, no blogs, education sites, commercial sites, Wikipedia, About.com, editorials, abstracts, online books, or book reviews are acceptable for this assignment.
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