1. Please read and annotate pages 18-19 in Paideia.
  2.  Summarizein your own words what the authors say about why Rhetorical Analysis is useful.  In other words, why are all NMSU undergraduate students required to take SPCD/ENG 111 and learn about Rhetorical Analysis?
  1.  How would you explain to a classmatein your own wordswhat it means to “see” an artifact as it is explained in the chapter?
  2. Continue reading the analysis of the photograph on pages 20-26. Annotate to help you understand.  Look up any words or concepts you don’t understand.
  3. Finally, read the student sample paper on pages 27-29.
  • Give each paragraph a number (there are 5 paragraphs total).
  • For each paragraph identify what the student is DOING in that paragraph.
  • Fr example, read paragraph #1 on page 27.  What is the purpose of this first paragraph?  (think about what the student is analyzing: the audience? the purpose?  the occasion or exigence?  the pathos? etc….).  In some paragraphs the student may be analyzing more than I thing.
  1. Explain what the student is DOING or ANALYZING in each paragraph below. (You can do this briefly).

Paragraph 5: 

  1. In which of the 5 paragraphs does the student state her opinion about whether the photo is effective or ineffective at convincing the audience of a particular purpose?
  1. What caught your attention about how this Rhetorical Analysis is written?  Why was this particularly notable to you? (This is just your opinion.  You may comment on anything that is interesting to you about HOW this paper is written).

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