Paper Topic: New-Product strategy


Marketing Strategy Basics:

  1. Provide a good definition and description of the Marketing Strategy.
  2. Provide two to three specific (real world) examples of how this marketing strategy is used
  3. Provide an example of how you would use this strategy with the company you are currently employed or for a company that seriously needs this strategy (do not use a company within the same industry that you provided in point #2.
  • Explain why would a company use this strategy
  • Explain when would a company use this strategy
  • Explain how a company would use this strategy

This paper should be in APA format.  It is a key part in a Marketing Plan that a marketing manager is responsible to assess and understand.  This paper should be 5 – 8 pages in length.

Avoid using 1st person style writing – especially since this is a scholarly paper.  Instead or using I, substitute with this author or avoid using a specific reference.  For instance, Starbucks coffee tastes great; instead of “I think Starbucks coffee is great.”

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