peer review of a manuscript for the Annals of Infernal Medicine

You are to perform a peer review of a manuscript for the Annals of Infernal Medicine, using the form provided here.  This is based on JAMA’s real form.  Assume Annals Infern Med is a journal serving a general medical audience, akin to JAMA, NEJM, Annals of Internal Medicine, BMJ, Lancet, etc.

Assume the paper is being considered for a legal policy section in the Journal, with a 2500 word limit.

You must complete the (confidential) reviewer evaluation form, plus provide anonymous reviewer’s Comments for Authors.

Do NOT put your publication recommendation in the Comments for Authors.

You also do not need to perform an extensive literature search for this, but as with any peer review, it may sometimes require you to look at sources cited to ensure they are correctly used, that the literature cited is adequately covered, and that there are no glaring holes in the relevant literature used by the authors, that is, critical papers that are not cited.

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