Topic/thesis should be about pheonix jackson’s journey. Come up with a unique title and thesis about her journey.

Do not compare and contrast, use in text citations and more importantly in text citations should match where you got it from. When you are citing please put the authors last name and the page number you got it from.

Please only use the critique that i provided and the short story.

Introduction should be 8-10 sentences only! In the introduction only summarize the short story, “a worn path”  and the critique, “a worn path”: immortality of stereotype.” also please state your thesis in the last sentence of the introduction.

You have to prove the thesis by using qoutes from the critique and the short story, about 6-8 qoutes from the two texts. Qoutes have to prove thesis.

Do not compare and contrast

This is suppose to be an analytical essay

Do not use words such as, we, i, and you. No point of views…

Conclusion should be a short summary of what you said in the introduction, do not add anything new and do not repeat yourself. Just prove the thesis. No preaching….

Please provide a work cited page mla format….no plagiarism….

The critique has been attached

This is the link to the short story “a worn path”  :

Click here to access the answer…

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