Physiological and Social Factors affecting students Speaking skill

Social and Physiological Factors affecting university-level students’ speaking performance during their practicum teaching at schools

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Well, my friend and I are working on a research paper to be published soon. Our main focus is to define ‘factors that hinder university-level students speaking skill during their practicum teaching in schools”. We distributed the work amongst us so my part is to write the Literature review. In the literature review I will focus on the factors that hinder students from speaking during their practicum. Factors could be linguistic such as improper pronunciation, grammar, vocab, etc. physiological such as anxiety, lack of confidence, fear of making mistakes, etc. social like family, friends, environment outside school, and physiological like stammering, lisp, stuttering and etc.

So Kindly write two paragraphs ONLY about the social and physiological factors? And I will ask my friend to work on the linguistic and physiological. Fair enough, eh?

Ok so I will explain the idea for u first, we have been trying to find studies on physiological factors if they do affect speaking and we couldn’t find any. We found some articles written on this but with new ideas. Some authors said that ( the psychological factors students have like anxiety bla bla cause some physiological issues such as stammering! Like if the students is stressed and anxious, she could stammer when she speaks , thus she would feel embarrassed and as a result she will not speak confidently.
Others said some students they have these physiological issues since childhood (stammering, lisp, low voice volume, auditory disorder) that is why these might be the reason behind their low level of speaking performance.

make sure to attach me the references you will use as I have to go over them to make sure that the paragraphs are properly cited. Please this paper is for publication so we need to avoid plagiarism at all. I trust you, but I used to place orders with other websites and I lately come to know that they plagiarize! sorry

you can use the following articles

1.Psychological Factors That Hinder Students from Speaking in English Class (A Case Study in a Senior High School in South Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia

2.The Competencies of an English Teacher: Beginning Student Teachers’ Perceptions

3.Understanding L2 Speaking Problems: Implications for ESL Curriculum Development in a Teacher Training Institution in Hong Kong


5.Some Psychological Factors that Hinder Students’ Participation in Learner-Centered EFL Oral Classroom Activities

6.The Correlation between Internal & External Factors that Influence Elementary School Students in Learning English Vocabulary and Their Grade in Vocabulary Test: A Study on the Third Graders of Marsudirini 77 Elementary School Salatiga

7.Factor Effecting Students’ English Speaking Skills by Marriam Bashir

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