The preliminary report (Key Assignment Draft)

s the marketing director for a large retailer, you have been given the task of understanding why consumer demand has decreased dramatically for one of the company’s store-brand signature products. In order to understand this outcome, you will need to gather information from consumers and store employees. Once the data has been collected, you will analyze it and submit a report to the executive leadership team. Your paper should answer the original question and include recommendations for resolving the problem based on your study’s findings.

Part I (2–3 pages): Preliminary Report

You will write the first 3 sections of the project report. This process provides you with the opportunity to describe the reasons why the study was conducted, how it was conducted, and how you will report the findings to the executive committee. You will provide this preliminary report to your boss for feedback as you prepare the final report for the executive leadership team.

The preliminary report (Key Assignment Draft) should contain the following sections:

  1. Introduction: In this section, you will describe the background of the study. Why did you undertake this study? What problems or research questions were you attempting to answer?Included here is a description of what is already known about the research question (in formal research this is referred to as the Literature Review)
  2. Methodology:In this section, you will describe how you completed the study (how you selected the sample, how you protected participants from any risks of participation, how you surveyed the participants, the questions you asked) and how you analyzed the information gathered.
    • Provide a brief explanation and comparison of both quantitative and qualitative research methods.
    • Identify whether you used quantitative or qualitative research method, and explain how you used the method.
  3. Finally, you will describe how you intend to report the findings of the study to the executive leadership team.

This report should include 23 references related to the background and methodology sections (the text can be used as one of these). Follow general APA guidelines.

This preliminary report will be submitted this week. You will then incorporate the instructor feedback recieved into the final Key Assignment

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