Product reviews


At least three of the following user manuals, available in the Arri

Resource Center:

Canon EOS 60 or 70D

Sound Devices 302 Mixer

Sound Devices 744T Mixer

Bolex 16mm Camera

Sennheiser ew 100 Wireless Microphone Kits

H4N Zoom Recorder


In each third of the semester, you are to read one of the manuals

listed above. After completion, in a two-to-three page summary,

you are to describe the basic operation of each piece of equipment

covered in that particular manual and identify two or three main

problems that a user might encounter while operating that

equipment. In order to receive a grade of CR (Credit) for the

course, you must deliver each paper to the CTVA office

(MZ 195) and ask for it to be placed in Professor Stahl’s box, by

or before the due dates indicated below. Failure to do so will

result in a grade of NC (No Credit).

To be clear – each paper will be based on a different user manual,

and your final grade will be predicated upon the timely submission

of the papers as well as the completion of all required hours.

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