PSYC354- Cultural assignment

Culture Applications Assignment, : Unity and Diversity
(presented in the form of a two-week conference in weeks 3 and 4)
This assignment has two parts—one related to localized cultural influences, and the other related to more global influences (also known here as diversity and unity influences). You will fulfill the requirements of both parts in the conferences.

Part 1: Diversity, Local Cultural Influences
1(a). (Required) Describe to the class family/local traditions and customs that you share with a small group or other person (particular rituals, anniversaries, special events, etc). You will express the uniqueness of your socio-cultural identity and the effects of your local culture. Explain how you believe that these acquired customs have shaped your cultural self (2–3 paragraphs).

Part 2: Unity, Global Cultural Influences
In this part of the assignment, we look at the larger forces that have influenced our perception of ourselves. What more universal cultural aspects have influenced us?
Here, describe customs/celebrations that are meaningful to you that are shared with the majority of persons from your culture (July 4, high school graduation, Earth Day, etc.). Explain how you believe that your cultural identity/self has been shaped by the larger culture (2–3 paragraphs).

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