Reflection Paper

Please type out each question and follow with your response.

1.Please briefly explain your motivation for seeking a Master’s degree in social work. In your response, please explain what you anticipate changing as a result of a master’s degree in social work and discuss your vision of how you will use your degree.

  1. The profession of social work is committed to social, political, and economic justice, the alleviation of poverty and oppression, and the reduction of social problems. Address a social problem about which you are particularly concerned. Concisely discuss your understanding of social, political, and economic justice. How do you think you can advance the aforementioned? What experiences or factors have shaped your interest in advancing justice?
  1. Describe some of your experiences and achievements in school, work (volunteering or employment), and in your personal life. Include a description of any barriers you have encountered in pursuing your education, work, or personal goals. Indicate the steps and strategies you have used or are using to overcome these barriers.
  1. The concept of cultural pluralism emphasizes respect for diversity of values, heritages, customs and lifestyles. We are interested in your experiences with people from diverse populations. For each of the following diverse groups, describe how you have worked with each. If you have gaps in your exposure to diversity, what is your plan to broaden your experiences to work respectfully with each of these populations? a. Ethnicity (race, culture different from your own) b. Spiritual tradition (different from your own) c. Age d. Disability e. Socio-economic f. Sexual orientation
  1. Social work is a profession that has considerable emotional demands on the practitioner. How do you handle stress and what coping skills do you anticipate using as a competent practitioner?
  1. University study provides learning opportunities that require an investment of time and energy. Plan to spend an average of 36 hours per week on homework for a full-time load of courses. In addition, the graduate field practical require 20-24 hours per week. Students who have received a BSW degree in the past eight years will do two practical and students who do not have a BSW degree will be required to complete four practical. Discuss why you are prepared to attend school at this time in your life and/or career. Please describe plans that you are making to adjust your personal and professional life in order to successfully participate in a. The course work, class preparation and assignments. Academic pursuits require approximately 9 hours per week per course. b. Field practical of approximately 20-24 hours per week for 2-4 semesters, depending on your undergraduate degree and when it was received. These practical must be completed at practicum agencies during daytime hours; rarely do practicum sites offer night/evening/weekend hours.

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