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describe how you would display the key measures of a particular production line in term of SQCD (Safety, Quality, Cost & Delivery/Flexibility) — you may use measures that are important for a line supervisor and display them however you wish (graphically, digital display, tables, etc.). Pick what measures you think are important and design (in words of course) the best visual display you think is meaningful and easy to interpret by all.


Research question (participate in discussion board) – Formulate your response and attach via Word File:

Now that you understand Lean Systems, discuss ways to best sell this concept to your management. What is your approach? Support your views with references/citations. See what you can find on the web to support your arguments (suggest you check out Lean Enterprise Institute where “Learning to See” came from).

based on your discussions, research the topic further, add your citations and put into your Word file for the dropbox submittal.

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