Sensation and Perception

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Discussion 1 – Answer in 100 – 150 Words

There is a relationship between eye color and sensitivity to light. What is that relationship exactly and what causes some color eyes to be more sensitive than others?

Discussion 2 – Answer in 100 – 150 Words

Explain the process of perception.

Discussion 3 – Answer in 100 – 150 Words

Do humans actually have a “blind spot?” If so, what causes this blind spot and what are some disadvantages of it?

Discussion 4 – Answer in 100 – 150 Words



Discussion 5 – Answer in 100 – 150 Words

Refer to Figure 3.25 (b) in Ch. 3 of Sensation and Perception. Typically, the right side of the body is controlled and interpreted by the left hemisphere of the brain, and vice versa. How is this different in the visual system? Why?

Discussion 6 – Answer in 100 – 150 Words

Describe the role of light receptors in vision.

Discussion 7 – Answer in 100 – 150 Words

Explain the progression of visual cortex processing

Discussion 8 – Answer in 100 – 150 Words

Identify the biological factors that influence sensation and perception.

Discussion 9 – Answer in 100-150 Words

Here is a link to an interesting article about smell and the brain:


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