You will design two surveys (one focused on customers and one focused on employees) that will answer the question posed in the Key Assignment. Be sure that the surveys are structured correctly and written to maximize data collection. You will complete 6 surveys, 3 from the perspective of the customers and 3 from the perspective of the employees. This data will provide the information for the analysis you will do later, so be as deliberate and thoughtful as you can when completing the surveys (think like a customer and then like an employee). 

Use the following information to help you formulate the questions you will ask in your survey. You may add additional questions if they would like but, at a minimum you must use the survey questions provided below for the customers and employees.

  • For customers:
    • gender
    • age
    • frequency of shopping at the store (you name it)
    • past purchases of the product (you name it)
    • purchases of the product in the last month
    • perceptions of why product sales have decreased
    • What would encourage the costumer to begin purchasing the product again?
  • For store employees:
    • gender
    • age
    • length of employment
    • perceptions of why the product sales have decreased
    • Recommendations of what the company can do to increase sales.

The answers from each population need to reflect some variability and should be clearly written from the two differing perspectives

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