Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

1. Review the company’s most recent Global Compact Report and make a list of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) that the company focuses on and on the SDG website, review the information about two of those goals, their targets and progress so far. (Links to an external site.)

2. From the information that you’ve learned above, come up with an ethical dilemma that the company faces, based on its core business, the principles of the Global Compact, and the Sustainable development goals. The ethical dilemma has to be in the format required by the course, “Should business person x do y?” So all you have to send me is that one sentence. You’ll need a specific agent at that company.

After creating the ethical dilemma, do the following:

You will resolve the dilemma as a utilitarian. For this, you will pretend you are a utilitarian, you will explain how a utilitarian makes a decision and you will thoroughly apply utilitarianism to the ethical dilemma. You will need to use ballpark numbers. This is not an essay–you can use bullet points, paragraphs, and a graph to show your work.

You will resolve the dilemma as a libertarian. Pretend you are a libertarian and thoroughly explain libertarianism and resolve the dilemma as a libertarian.

You will resolve the dilemma as a deontologist. For this you will need to go through the 9 steps, explain them and apply them properly and thoroughly. You do not need to write anything in addition to naming and explaining and applying the 9 steps.

You will resolve the dilemma from the perspective of Catholic social teaching. You must define and apply human dignity, stewardship, common good, justice, principle of subsidiarity and solidarity and use them to resolve your dilemma.

You will be graded on how well you demonstrate your knowledge of the methods, in your own words (NO quotes and no information from anyone or anything not assigned in the course) and how well you apply them to the dilemma. Each method is worth 50 points.

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