UNIT 1 ESSAY ASSIGNMENT: LITERACY NARRATIVE DESCRIPTION For this assignment, you will write a literacy narrative. Quite often, a literacy narrative is an account of a situation that helped you develop as a writer. One such situation would be how the actions of a parent or teacher had a significant effect on how you approach writing today. You will write a narrative account of a particular situation that you now understand had an influence on how you view writing, language use, or reading. Be sure to tell the story in detail, and then explain how you now understand how that particular occurrence changed you. RHETORICAL SITUATION − Audience: AUM students who are unfamiliar with your experience − Genre: reflective narrative written for the school newspaper − Purpose: to present your audience with an opportunity to reflect on your experience with education in comparison to their own − See page 80 for additional rhetorical considerations GUIDELINES − Unit Grade Worth: 15% of final grade − Length: 3-4 pages double-spaced − Format: see Policy Guide for specific formatting of the final draft − Unit Grade Breakdown: ⋅ In Class Free Writing 5% of unit grade ⋅ Blog 20% of unit grade ⋅ In Class Participation 20% of unit grade ⋅ Rough Draft 1/Peer Review 5% of unit grade ⋅ Final Paper 50% of unit grade DUE DATES − Blog: by the start of class on the date due − Rough Draft /Peer Review Responses: Wednesday, September 9 (11:59pm to Turnitin and Connect) − Final Paper: Monday, September 14 (11:59pm to Connect only) BLOG POSTS 1. Introductions (see directions on Blackboard). 2. Do the Writing Activity listed on page 94. 3. Write about whatever you want. 4. If I were the teacher, I would… 5. If someone discovered a formula that would enable us to live forever, would that be a blessing or a curse? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. Unit 1 Assignment Sheet 1 6. Describe your ideal peer review experience (other than saying you wouldn’t want to do it at all) OR describe a particularly bad experience you’ve had with peer review. What would you like a reviewer to look for in your own writing? List the top 5 things in order of importance that you need help with in your writing. Some ideas: organization, adding support, elaboration, editing, writing a clear thesis, staying on topic, making sense, etc.. Unit 1 Assignment Sheet 2

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