Unit III Essay Topic: Political Campaigns and the Internet


Be sure to follow all formatting guidelines provided in the syllabus. Your final work product must have a cover page with a word count, an essay that is 3-4 pages in length and a works cited page. The minimum writing requirement expectation is two full pages in your own words (excluding citations). If the minimum expectations are not met, the assignment will be marked incomplete. Be sure to provide a proper citation in MLA or APA format for all works consulted on a separate works cited page.


As the use of the Internet and other electronic mediums have become more widespread, political candidates have begun using Web sites, social media, e-mail, blogs, podcasts, and other forms of electronic media to convey their campaign messages to an even broader sector of the population in an effort to reach voters. The video will provide a primer on how technology will play a role in the campaign process. With additional research, you can analyze how this new medium has and will continue to impact the outcome of elections.

Essay Questions:

–        Why has the Internet become a vital tool in the process of political campaigning?

–        What role has the Internet played in fundraising for modern presidential candidates?

–        Why is electronic advertising important to the candidates?

–        Describe the culture of the population being targeted by Internet campaigning (generally ages 18-25) and how they fit in to the Internet campaigning strategies?

–        Are interactive campaign tactics, such as blogging and live chat sessions, effective campaign tools? Why or why not?

–        Does the Internet add a higher level of accountability for candidates to deliver on their promises? Why or why not?

–        What are the costs, risks and or dangers of using technology as a medium for a campaign?

–        What is the future value of this technology in terms of political capital during a campaign season?

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