writing through literature

In this essay you should make some grammar mistakes, then you should show this mistakes in parenthesis.

For example :I went to washington(Washington) last week.

Topic: If the Gothic movement was a reaction to the Enlightenment’s pursuit of knowledge, then what role does the supernatural play in the works of Romantics like Coleridge, Byron, and Mary Shelley? What message, if any, were these Romantics trying to convey by infusing their works with supernatural elements such as ghosts, spirits, and monsters? Choose one or more works to respond.

Criteria for Grade:

  1. Name the author(s) and the title(s) of the work(s) you are discussing;
  2. Present a clear thesis about the work(s) that responds to the question(s);
  3. Refer to specific examples in the work(s) in order to support your thesis;
  4. Analyze both the work(s)’s form and content while using proper terminology;
  5. Correct spelling and grammar. Format: Typed, double-spaced, ONE inch margins, 12 point font Times

New Roman. Length: Approximately 700 words

This essay should be done in 24 hours

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