WRTG 394 bibliography

Writing assignment in WRTG 394 will be an annotated bibliography.

Please watch the following short video from UMUC’s Information and Library Services unit on how to write an annotated bibliography: here is the video below:


After watching the video, please access the article, “Social Media: Has It Lived Up to Its Hype?” here is the article website:


Imagine that this is one of your articles for your annotated bibliography.  Please complete the following in responding to this discussion thread.

  1. List the article in APA format, as the UMUC tutorial video describes.
  2. Write a 100 word annotation of the article in which you not only summarize the article but also evaluate its usefulness for your research report assignment.

Again, you are not necessarily using this article in your annotated bibliography, and you will not necessarily write about competency-based education for your submission of the research report assignment.  However, this exercise is designed to help you become familiar with listing a source in APA format and with writing an evaluative annotation for it.

Please watch the annotated bibliography first to understand the discussion board assignment and open the article website to view the article.

Click here to access the answer

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