3D AND 4D Printing

3D AND 4D Printing


I also upload a few pdf files which are the background info. And plz FOCUS on the third paragraph which counts more percentage of grades than other paragraphs.

Some other materials:
1. https://www.ted.com/talks/neri_oxman_design_at_the_intersection_of_technology_and_biology?language=en

2. https://selfassemblylab.mit.edu/publications-press

Here is the specific instruction from the professor which is same as last time:
After each technology discussion, write a 1-page report to be submitted prior to the next class. The report will have three sections, a one-paragraph summary of the technology, a one-paragraph description of how this technology could be used in your market, or in your life, and a final third paragraph discussing on why you believe this is, or is not, disruptive technology in that market. One of the learning objectives of this class is the ability to describe technologies to non-engineers, so your grade on each paper will include a component for how clear, concise, and grammatically correct your paper is, as well as its accuracy.


Answer Preview………..

The manufacturing industry regularly experiences additive production technologies as the world grows increasingly technological. One such breakthrough is the 3D and 4D printing innovation. Manufacturing machines are created to automatically generate products, for instance, shoes with different custom options, by replicating programmed shapes. The automatic generation of products using a computerized machine is known as 3Dor 4D printing. 3D and 4D printing largely depend on additive manufacturing, where instead of products being created through curving, they are created through the simple addition of matter………..

APA 349 words

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