Caesar Chavez Discussion

Caesar Chavez Discussion

In this discussion assignment you are become a member of the Caesar Chavez organization and to write a study of his life, times, organization and successes to show that Caesar Chavez day in California is a well deserved tribute to this minority leader. You are going to read Chapter 3 in the text along with the lecture on Modern Mexican Americans. You will view the videos on Chavez and his movement. Plus you are to read the information at these websites:

This is the official web site of the United Farm Workers: it gives us some excellent material on the life and work of Chavez. It shares some of his speeches and even has a movie to view: (Links to an external site.). (Links to an external site.)Here are more sites on the life and times and work of Chavez: to an external site.) and (Links to an external site.) and (Links to an external site.)

Finally you are going to comment on whether you feel that the border situation is improving today and agree or disagree with two other students. Good luck.

Hi, please use only the resources that I gave you don’t use outside resources.

good luck 🙂

Ok I’m going to give you my canvas username and password so you can rely to the other two students as the question states.



Answer Preview………………

Cesar Chavez was born in Arizona State, and right from his tender life, he encountered numerous inequalities which made him think that there is no justice in the society. He utilized non-violent tactics to highpoints the challenges of the farmworkers in the US; this was achieved through the establishment of the National Farm Workers Association, which was transformed into United Farm Workers. Chavez led different demonstrations and strikes whereby he advocated for boycotts and participated on various hunger strikes. In his whole life, he was determined to augment the working conditions, pay, and treatment of the farm laborers “The Story of Cesar Chavez,”2019). He was aware of all the challenges that the farmworkers encountered. His understanding of laborers’ problems is following the fact that his family……………..

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