What does Pedagogy of Oppressed say regarding the dynamics of education?

Education in American Society


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In four paragraphs answer the following questions.

  1. What does Pedagogy of Oppressed say regarding the dynamics of education?
  2. What does the film Separate and Unequal say regarding the state of education in America?
  3. How do these two texts connect with each other?
  4. What approaches to education might be appropriate to addressing these problems? (Feel free to include your own experiences in this.)

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According to the Pedagogy of Oppressed, education is a significant factor in society, which has always distinguished human beings from other people as human beings pursue education believing to be incomplete without it. The purpose of education, particularly problem-solving education, lies in the necessity to consistently improve in individual activities, to the extent that one would be capable of understanding the environment better. According to Freire (1996), this process of becoming, improving to be better members of society, as influenced by education, is only possible due to individual understanding of existence of limitations. Hence, education is essential as it ensures that people are appropriately complete and improve in their quality of life, based on the additional personal improvement that results from education. Therefore, the Pedagogy of Oppressed is categorical on education being a critical player in individual welfare, based on the innate human appreciation of its importance to society…………….

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