Now that you have conducted a SWOT Analysis and Environmental Scan for the Maryland Zoo

Maryland Zoo Promotion Strategy

Please see the Maryland Zoo Project document and Video for Phase 2 before submitting your assignment for grading.

Now that you have conducted a SWOT Analysis and Environmental Scan for the Maryland Zoo, you should have a better idea of the challenges and opportunities facing the Maryland Zoo.

The next step then in Phase 2 is to identify the target market segments that would be most relevant for the Maryland Zoo to promote membership sales. Be specific as possible and include age demographics, geographic areas, income, psychological influences, situational influences and sociocultural influences (see Chapter 5).

Your Recommended Promotion Strategy must include the following:

      1. the target market segment;
      2. the marketing message;
      3. the estimated cost of printing, acquiring target market lists, and mailing the postcard;
      4. your projections showing how you expect the campaign to perform;
      5. and how you will track the results of the campaign to determine if it was successful;

Here are very good resources for selecting a target market list:

Here are a few resources you may find helpful when creating your postcard:



Answer Preview………….

Identification of market segment involves analyzing the potential customers in a Company and grouping them based on their predilections and features. This helps the Organization to come up with a sound strategy to use in marketing. Maryland zoo requires a promotion strategy that will help improve their financial performance. To this extent, therefore, this paper seeks to discuss and explore the performances of Maryland Zoo and recommend a promotion strategy via the use of a postcard campaign that can help promote the sales related to the membership………..

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