The effect of economic conditions on business performance depends on the stability of the economy.

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Changing Nature of Business

The effect of economic conditions on business performance depends on the stability of the economy. If the economy is stable, businesses will normally expand their business because consumers will be buying more, and the investors will be investing in the markets which will grow the economy.

Technology is great when it works. Technology speeds up productivity and typically lowers business operations cost. Technology overall makes jobs easier and life simpler. Many people want to work at Google. If you have not heard why, I would recommend researching it. Google caters to their employees’ personalities and learning styles. This way, Google reap the benefits of productivity and employee morale. On social media, I came across a chair/desk, (Odditymall) that is an incredible futuristic desk that allows you to sit, stand, or lie down while working on your computer.

Outsourcing will continue in the future because it is less expensive. For example, at the VA it is cheaper to hire Contractors from outside of the organization to do their Procurement, Acquisitions, and Contracts. The VA doesn’t have to pay any benefits to the contractors, which saves the organization money. Most outsourcing will include technology in the future. The technology will keep changing and improving and the Millennials will be able to keep up with the productivity because they are already multi-taskers and subject matter experts with the existing technology.

Cloud computing technology is on the rise because companies are growing fast and need the power and storage capability for the future. The cloud technology has the capability to compute processes at a faster rate than non-technology cloud competitors. I am not educated on the cloud other than using it to store my pictures. Has anyone had any experiences using the cloud? Do you like the cloud? Do you see any issues using the cloud?


Hello Class,

As time passes by and new generations live on, the workforce is growing in different aspects. Along with the generation bringing a more modern and welcoming ideas, technology is also evolving. Business workforce and the nature of works itself is changing is by the way people work. It ends up shaping the company’s structure and the expectations of the employees in the new century (Quinyx). While watching the video, it instantly caught my eye the generation through generation knowledge and what each person has achieve throughout their time. In the video it even talks about an important percentage that each workplace group meant.

Technology plays a big role when it comes to business performance. Just like the video displayed, in the early century’s humans started out with a telex. A telex means international message transfer service consisting of a network of teleprinter’s connected by a system of switched exchanges. As technology has evolved the 21st century now has WIFI. The video states that in the current century more than “450 million people now access the web from mobile device (Quinyx). Technology’s role is easy access for people to communicate all over the world. It helps with the speed and better communication paths. One thing that technology helps with is the empowering idea and access “to work back form the future (Easglen).

I think that yes, outsourcing will continue for future decades to play a role. It’s in my opinion the idea that the business will be on its toes. To work with better skilled, better risk management, and improve service customer.

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