What was the focus of your leadership project, the goals you set for yourself, and the AONE competencies you hoped to achieve?

Nursing Project Leadership

Throughout your practicum experience, you have been designing and implementing a project. You will now assess that experience. Prior to beginning this paper, discuss the topics below with your preceptor. Include their feedback as well as your own. In a 1,500 word document, discuss the following topics:

  1. What was the focus of your leadership project, the goals you set for yourself, and the AONE competencies you hoped to achieve?

Goals: To work with Washington Regional Medical Center (WRMC) and their clinics, population health department, and Home Health Department to vaccinate, with the COVID -19 vaccine once it becomes available.To send nurses into the homes all patient at high risk and the home bound population within Madison, Benton and Washington Counties in Arkansas.

The turbulent, ever-changing world of healthcare continues to present new challenges. With its vision of “shaping the future of healthcare through innovative nursing leadership,” AONE recognizes that excellent leadership is essential to ensure excellent patient care.A vaccine against COVID-19 would slow its spread around the world. Fewer people would get sick, and more lives could be saved.

(The idea is to send the Home Health nurses into the homes of the patients to vaccinate them and their families once the patients have been identified.


Nazario, B. (2020, May 13). Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccine: How Long Will Finding a Vaccine Take? Retrieved from https://www.webmd.com/lung/covid-19-vaccine#1

  1. How did you discover the need for this project, and how did it fit into the organization’s philosophy and mission?

COVID 19 is a highly infectious disease and created a pandemic around the world.

Washington Regional Medical Center mission: To be the leading healthcare system in Northwest Arkansas — the best place to receive care and the best place to give care. To treat others – patients and their families, visitors, physicians, and each other – as we would want to be treated.

  1. Did you encounter any real or potential barriers during your practicum experience related to your project?

Not having a Vaccine is the barrier at this time along with gaining the understanding of the Marshallese people. According to the 2010 census, 22,434 people of Marshallese origin live in the United States. The United States has the highest concentration of Marshallese people outside the Marshall Islands. Most of these Marshallese people live in Hawaii and Arkansas (mainly in Springdale, Arkansas) which is in Washington County. Tracking the positive cases and monitoring the patients with symptoms that test results have not came back.Results take around 48 hours to return detected or not detected.We also believe we are seeing some false negative test return. Additional barriers are the many rural areas that are associated with Madison County in Arkansas.

  1. Discuss how the outcomes of your project will be measured? Is your project one that is sustainable or is it designed to be a single occurrence?

Fewer cases of COVID 19 outbreaks among people would be the outcome and it should be sustainable.

  1. Evaluate the success of your project. If you were not able to implement your project, discuss why. What are the next steps for the project?

Collect the names of the people and family members to receive the vaccines then map out the routes.

Organize supplies for transport along with physician orders

Provide proper PPE for the nurses going out into the community to administer the vaccine.

Provide education to clients regarding the medication that is to be administered, inquiring about allergies, answer questions, obtain signatures on consent forms.

Use a minimum of two peer-reviewed resources (published within the last 5 years) as evidence to support your views.

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

Use at least 2 Resources that are Creditable and written with the last year to support the paper. In APA format Use the Rubric attached




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